Join Us!

ESUJ welcomes those of all nationalities who are willing to support and/or participate in its activities. We accept your application forms all year long. 
Benefits of membership
1.Member rates for ESUJ sponsored events and members only events.
2.Free subscription to ESUJ News Letters for members (via e-mail or snail mail/postal letter)
3.Invitation to participate in the programs of affiliated organizations (e.g. Japan Singapore Association) occasionally at special rates.
4.Participation in decision-making on ESUJ management through attendance at the Annual General Meetings, etc.
5. Application to join the practice sessions of ESUJ Debate Club for Adults.
Categories of membership and annual fees 
Membership fees collected form an important source of funds for ESUJ’s wide range of programs and its office administration
* There is no admission fee
Membership Annual Fee  
Individual Member 5,000 yen Member rate for ESUJ events.
Family Member 3,000 yen One or more family member(s) of an Individual Member can join as Family Member(s).
Complementary rate when accompanying an Individual member. 
Student Member 2,000yen Students at tertiary educational institutions.  Required to produce school identification cards.
Group Member 10,000yen Clubs/societies at universities and colleges. Can participate in the ESUJ University Debating Competition.   
Corporate Member 50,000yen Special rate for corporate in-house training courses/sessions.
Premium Individual Member 20,000yen
 or more
Special rate for ESUJ programs.
Invitation to selected events for Premium Individual/Corporate Members.
Recognition of your contribution/gift in ESUJ publication (online and in print)
rate for corporate in-house training courses/sessions.
Premium Corporate Member 100,000yen
 or more

Membership Application Procedure

1. Please fill in the online application form, or download the form and send it to the ESUJ office by letter or FAX.

2.Please make remittance of the annual fee to the following MUTB bank account.
     (No admission fee. Bank transfer fee will be at your expense.)
Bank Account The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
Akasaka Mitsuke Branch(064)
Account Number  0048600 〈Futu Yokin (Ordinary Account)〉
Ippan Shadan Houjin Nihon Eigo Koryu Renmei

3.Upon confirming the receipt of your fee, ESUJ sends you the letter of acceptance and the News Letters by postal mail.
*ESUJ itself does not issue the receipt of your fee. When a receipt is needed, you are kindly advised to use the receipt of money transfer.  

If you wish to apply by FAX or postal mail, please download and print out the application form in PDF format, fill it out and send it the ESUJ office

Membership Procedure after remittance of your membership fee

ESUJ does not issue a membership card. 
From the day after you transferred your annual fee, you are entitled to apply to participate in the ESUJ member events. 
The member rate will be applied.

Annual fee is good for one year. 
To renew your membership, ESUJ sends you the invoice. Please transfer the annual membership fee to our MUTB account or Japan Post Bank account (remittance slip will be enclosed).
Withdrawal from Membership
Please inform the ESUJ office regarding your withdrawal from membership.
There will be no refund of your membership fee once it is paid in. Your understanding on this would be appreciated.
Leave of absence
There is no leave of absence provided to ESUJ members. Should you wish to absent yourself from ESUJ activities for a certain period, you are expected to follow the procedure for withdrawal of your membership. However, you can be reinstated at any time upon informing the ESUJ office of your desire to return. In such a case, there will be no refund of your membership fee, partial or otherwise, once it is paid in. Your understanding on this would be appreciated.

The English-Speaking Union of Japan (ESUJ) 
Fujikage-Building 9th Floor, Motoakasaka 1-1-5
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051
FAX: 03-3423-0971